Gophers cost landscapers and the ag industry millions of dollars every year. Equipment breakdowns and dirt-contaminated hay cause huge economic losses. Gophers (or ground squirrels) can cause production losses of 20%-50% in pastures and alfalfa. Trees and vines girdled and killed by gophers can destroy the economic viability of an orchard or vineyard.
Now there is a an environmentally safe and cost effective solution to control gopher problems. It is called the PERC (Pressurized Exhaust Rodent Controller). The PERC is a new invention designed to significantly reduce burrowing rodent populations on any type of large acreage farms, and especially alfalfa hay farming operations. Custom Operators and landscape professionals (and their customers) appreciate the noninvasive control PERC provides.
The PERC system operates using an internal combustion engine to generate carbon monoxide and pressurize it to 110 PSI. Using multiple probes, burrows are easily detected and quickly filled with a lethal concentration of carbon monoxide before a rodent has a chance to react or escape.
Carbon monoxide is one of the most potent yet safe poisons that kills burrowing rodents. Until now, there has been no inexpensive, efficient delivery system to control these pests.
Extensive field experience by growers has demonstrated a kill rate in excess of 90% over a season’s use, with reductions of rodent populations by 66% to 75% in a single treatment.
The PERC offers more benefits than just gopher control. It is also a powerful compressor that can be used in the field. Compressed and cooled exhaust (carbon monoxide) is safer than compressed air when used for blowing out equipment such as hay balers, where loose flammable material may come in contact with hot components.
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