After years of success with The Bone mechanic’s creeper, Dale Adams Enterprises of Kent, Ohio has utilized its winning design and components to create The Tail Bone, the only American-made rolling stool of its kind. Made with five-inch wheels, the rolling stool rolls easily over cords, air hoses and debris with no tipping or flipping. Its unique bucket seat and tripod base provides a naturally stable working platform that is the most durable in its class.

The Tail Bone makes working on lower areas of motorcycles, automobiles, aircraft and watercraft more manageable, particularly on rough floor surfaces with cracks and debris. As the only American-made, big wheel rolling stool, it can roll over tools, parts, hoses and uneven flooring. And because it turns with the user, the legs stay out of the way for greater comfort and reduced back and knee pain.

Mechanics are not the only professionals to utilize the Tail Bone. Welders, fabricators, construction workers, painters, electrical & plumbing contractors and DIYers can all benefit from the product.

The Tail Bone, and its bigger sister product, The Tail Bone Rough Rider, employ a tripod design using high strength polypropylene copolymer, which is impervious to most solvents. The Tail Bone has a 130 lb. rating per wheel and a seat height of 12”. The Tail Bone Rough Rider has a 250 lb. rating per wheel and a seat height of 13”, making it a better option for outdoor use. Both have a 350 lb. weight capacity and a limited warranty.

“Everyone knows our creepers don’t tip or flip when they’re rolling over anything on the floor. It makes perfect sense that we also make a rolling stool that can do the same thing,” said Dale Adams, President of Dale Adams Enterprises. “I gave it a super comfortable bucket seat shaped for real people that lets you use your natural body movements to do your job easily. Now everyone knows this can’t be beat.”

The Tail Bone carries an MSRP of $152.95 while The Tail Bone Rough Rider’s MSRP is $179.95. They are both available at and

Product information is also available at Contact Holly Collins by email at [email protected], or call 330-677-4030 for more information.

The Tail Bone Mechanic’s Seat Uses 5” Wheels to Roll Over Air Hoses, Cords, Rough Surfaces and Debris