VMAC introduces their newest UNDERHOOD kit developed for the Class 4/5 International Terrastar. The kit has been frequently requested by customers looking forward to this new entry – a truck with true commercial bloodlines – filling the gap left when GM vacated the 45/55 market.

VMAC’s Mechanical Research and Development team for the Terrastar project, Peter Dahle and Neal Clozza were delighted with the new kit design. “We were able to use the OEM belt design and components,” said Dahle. “Very minimal modifications were required.” The team considers the new kit to be the quickest and easiest VMAC install to date. “This kit is the most comfortable install ever! You could do the majority of the install sitting on the tire,” added Clozza.

The Terrastar UNDERHOOD kit (V900109) is a VR70 air compressor system, delivering 70 CFM and up to 175psi.
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About VMAC: VMAC is a manufacturer of compact, powerful air compressor systems for the mobile mechanic, tire service, utilities and construction industries. Specializing in UNDERHOOD and Hydraulic Above-Deck Systems, VMAC is credited with developing the lightest and most compact mobile air compressors available in the industry.