Brokk AB, the world’s leading manufacturer of remote controlled demolition machines, officially introduced the Brokk 100 Demolition Machine during a press conference at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas. Featuring a more compact design, yet 35-percent greater breaking power, the all-new Brokk 100 replaces the best-selling Brokk 90 machine. The Brokk 100 enhances the company’s already-extensive line of remote controlled demolition machines, designed for use in a variety of industries including cement and metal processing, construction and demolition, mining and tunneling, and nuclear, as well as other specialty applications.
Building on its more than 30 years of experience in the engineering and manufacturing of demolition robots, Brokk designed the new Brokk 100 with the same proven abilities to take on even the most challenging projects, while also including advancements to the machine’s design and components. Safe operation on any jobsite is further enhanced, thanks to a brand new, state-of-the-art digital remote-control box. It allows the operator to stay clear of any hazards on the jobsite, and monitor some of the key functions of the machine on an LCD display. Finally, the new machine is the first in the industry to deliver the flexibility of true 360-degree working performance, without compromising stability, productivity or reliability.
The compact design of the Brokk 100 permits operation in the tightest, most confined spaces. The low-profile configuration, less than 4-feet high, allows access into smaller openings, while the lower center of gravity provides greater stability. Improved driving capabilities further enable the machine to offer smooth transportation and operation on the most challenging jobsites.
Though the overall design is smaller, power and reach were not sacrificed. A new load-sensing hydraulic system with improved hydraulic capacity helps generate 35-percent greater breaking power when paired with the included SB152 breaker. Maximum horizontal reach is 12.1-feet, while vertical reach is 14.1-feet.
The Brokk 100 is powered by a 20-horsepower electric motor, allowing safe, emissions-free operation. Two power levels are offered: 16- and 32-amp. When electric power supply is limited, the machine offers the option to “gear down” and work using only 16 amps.
Excluding attachments, the Brokk 100 weights in at 2,183-pounds. Recommended maximum weight of attachments such as breakers, crushers, drills and shears is 331-pounds. The unit features a height of 3.8-feet and width of 2.6-feet.
Additional improvements and features include upgraded cooling capacity, impact-resistant steel covers, improved rubber pads on the outriggers and LED lights with virtually unbreakable covers.
In addition to the new 100, Brokk offers eight models, ranging in size from the Brokk 50, at just 1,100-pounds, up to the Brokk 800, at 11-tons. The company also engineers and builds custom machines with special equipment such as cameras, extended arms, side-angling devices and cable drums.
For more than 30 years, Brokk has been the world’s leading manufacturer of remote controlled demolition machines and attachments. Through continuous innovation in engineering and design, Brokk is able to offer unique solutions to multiple industries worldwide including construction, demolition, mining and tunneling, cement and process, nuclear and other specialty applications.
For more information, contact Brokk’s North American headquarters at 800-621-7856 or visit the website at

Featuring a more compact design, yet 35-percent greater breaking power, the all-new Brokk 100 replaces the best-selling Brokk 90 machine.