TBEI unveiled their next generation of Ox™ SuperDump at the 2012 World of Asphalt Show in Charlotte, NC.
The new Ox™ SuperDump features four, six or seven axle configuration increasing payloads up to 25 tons and 80,000 GVWR (in most states). With the multiple axle configurations, the Ox™ SuperDump distributes the weight over a much longer area meeting payload restrictions throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. The benefit of the Ox™ Super Dump design is an increased load resulting in lower operation costs. The Silent Drive Maxle™ air-suspension trailing axle is designed to carry the extra weight of the payload and ensure a smooth ride with superb stability and handling. Resulting in larger loads with fewer trucks, fewer operators, greater fuel savings and maximized profit potential.
The Ox™ SuperDump is also available with a wide range of time saving, productivity enhancing options including air retractable mud flaps, on-board weight scales, non-stick liners, a variety of tarp systems, aluminum or poly fenders and cab shield options.