The improved Curb Fox 5000T-HD slipformer now paves wider and higher sections. With new heavy-duty tracks, added horsepower, and weight, the 5000T-HD slipforms pavement up to 10 feet wide, and barriers up to 39 inches high.  
Heavier tracks allow the weight of the 5000T to be increased by almost 50%.  This added traction and stability give the Curb Fox even greater versatility.  Engine size is also increased to a 67HP diesel engine.

The tracks on the Curb Fox 5000T-HD measure 74 inches long, by 9 inches wide and by 15 inches high.  Overall machine weight of the 5000T with the heavy-duty tracks has been increased to 14,000 lbs. But the highly mobile CF5000T-HD still transports at legal width of 8.5 feet, and it still turns down to two feet.  

Production with the 5000T-HD has surpassed any other slipformer in its class.  On 36 inch wide barrier pads, the Curb Fox 5000T-HD has paved over 10,000 feet in a day.  Paving speeds on 8 foot wide pavement have averaged over 10 feet per minute.  

The CF5000T-HD will also slipform large curb and gutter, or channel, sections up to 39 inches wide in the offset position. It handles virtually any below pavement and uneven grade applications.  

To learn more about the new capabilities of the Curb Fox 5000T-HD and all Curb Fox slipformers, call 704-638-0405 or watch videos of the equipment at work at

Curb Fox manufacturers quality, compact equipment for paving concrete curbs, curb and gutter, and sidewalk. Curb Fox slipform curbers are being used on six continents around the world. Pictured is the CF 3000 Curbing Machine, capable of curbing 2500 feet per day.