Keytroller, LLC announces the introduction of CYBERWATCH SMS and CYBERWATCH LAN – two simple and inexpensive wireless hour meters. SMS communicates through simple text commands from a cell phone, tablet or PC and the LAN connects through the Wi-Fi network in the facility.  SMS has two hour meter inputs and LAN has four and easily install to any make or model vehicle or machine.  GPS location recording is also on both models. SMS users simply click the GPS coordinates in the text response to view vehicle exact location.

Both devices can monitor things like engine or motor ignition on time (hours and minutes) and even other specialized sensors – like over/under temperature, over/under hydraulic pressure, over/under voltage, over/under speed, over/under pneumatic pressure.  Different sensors set to trip at different setpoints this time monitored, recorded and reported by one device.

CYBERWATCH SMS SCHEDULER is a phone app that automatically sends text commands to each vehicle at a preset time schedule. The hour usage data returned can then be automatically exported to a Dropbox application where the hours of usage data can be automatically removed to a maintenance scheduling software.

CYBERWATCH LAN can be viewed directly into it’s individual IP address browser or be programmed to automatically transmit the 4 hour meter and counter information as an XML data stream to an external server where the user can process the usage data for their purposes including importing into their maintenance scheduling software.

Cellular data plans for the SMS model start at only $6 per month and full payout lease plans are also available for the hardware. The company is offering a free demo evaluation kit to qualified users.

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