Roadtec, Inc. recently introduced the new Tier4i version of the dynamic SP-200. The SP-200e includes all of the innovative concepts of the SP-200 while meeting Tier4i emission standards and incorporating additional features. The SP-200e offers operator comfort and safety as well as improved visibility, fingertip controls, fully adjustable seats, and an automated spray system.  

The gravity feed hopper design helps decrease material segregation and machine maintenance while maintaining high production. A 14” thick Ni-hard, hydraulically raisable auger system with tilt capabilities allows the operator to maintain a parallel position of the auger with the screed bottom.  

The SP-200e undercarriage includes 11.8” wide steel tracks with durable polyurethane track pads provide excellent maneuverability, traction, and weight distribution. Joystick steering provides consistently accurate control of paver direction in all conditions.  

Redesigned operator stations give greater efficiency and comfort, including hydraulic-pivot consoles and selectable seat positions. Improved maintenance accessibility was key design refinement on the SP-200e.  

The SP-200e carries a 2,100 gallon capacity product tank that is heated by an on-board hot oil heating system. This system allows the machine to easily handle emulsion or liquid AC. The high capacity tank is well insulated so that emulsion does not have to be offloaded overnight. The ability of the SP-200e/ex to handle different products increases the number of applications that the paver can successfully perform.  

An extendable spray bar extends the full width of the screed so that the surface below is covered uniformly before the new asphalt is placed. This uniform coverage helps increase the bond strength between the existing surface and the new material.  

The rate of application from the spraybar is fully automated through the Bearcat® Computerized Rate Control System. With this system, an initial application rate is entered in and the computer maintains this application rate as well as displaying the status of the spray system components.  

A Cummins® QSB 6.7 TIER 4 Interim, 225 horsepower engine powers the new paver.  

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