Tractor blade manufacturer Grouser Products has redesigned its AG PRO series of dozer blades to increase efficiency, productivity and ease of use compared with other blades. They are ideal for nearly any material moving application.

The redesigned AG PRO blades are compatible with a wide range of tractor brands. They can be quickly and easily mounted to the front frames of 275- to 600-horsepower, 4-wheel, articulated tractors, with a simple, bolt-on undercarriage design that saves time both during initial installation and when operators need to switch from material handling to fieldwork.

The AG PRO’s single-lever, quick attach system saves time and effort when hooking or unhooking the blade. The system is mounted at the front of the tractor allowing one operator to quickly and efficiently align the tractor to the blade, drive forward and lock it into place. To detach the blade, the operator simply unhooks the hydraulic hoses, pulls the lever behind the blade and backs away. Grouser redesigned the hydraulic hose connections at the front of the unit in one, easy-access configuration, mounting the hoses where the operator can quickly connect or disconnect the unit. For added durability, 760 and 770 models route the hoses through steel lines within the frame to ensure they are not dislodged by material buildup.

Once the blade is attached, its 48-inch approximate lift height allows the operator to push tremendous amounts of material into steep piles, then easily lift the blade high enough to avoid back dragging that would otherwise remove material that was just added to the pile. The lift frame is also equipped with a frame guard, which reduces material buildup between the blade and tractor.

The AG PRO blade’s undercarriage and lift frame are installed high underneath the tractor to provide tremendous ground clearance. This high ground clearance and the added weight of the undercarriage system eliminate the need for OEM weight packages that are otherwise required for fieldwork. Operators do not have to disassemble and reassemble extra weight; they simply detach the blade and head for the field.

The AG PRO blade’s exclusive parallel lift system features top and bottom connection points that keep the blade parallel to the front of the tractor, even when it is lifted as high as possible. This reduces weight transfer and keeps the blade closer to the tractor for better control. The lift system also maintains the ideal angle for dozing and gives the operator more precise control.

Grouser also offers optional top extensions and end plates. The blade extensions, which Grouser designed for simple bolt-on installation, take the AG PRO’s height from the standard 48 inches up to 72 inches. Coupled with the end plates, they increase carrying capacity without adding additional width and allow operators to push even more material in a single pass.

Additional standard features of the AG PRO series include reversible, double-bevel cutting edges and customized nameplates. Double-bevel cutting edges are the industry standard for bulldozers.  Grouser edges are made of high-alloy, heat-treated boron steel, which provides excellent wear in high-abrasion applications. This, along with the ability to reverse the edge allows for many hours of trouble-free dozing. And to personalize its blades, the company provides customized nameplates for dealers or end users that mount directly to the blade.

Grouser’s commitment to dealer service extends to the assembly of the product. The majority of the pre-assembly work on its AG PRO blades is completed at its factory in West Fargo, making it easier for dealers to assemble and install the blades.

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The parallel lift system maintains the ideal angle for dozing for precise control.


The undercarriage and lift frame are installed high underneath the tractor to provide tremendous ground clearance.


The AG PRO series blades are available in widths from 12 to 20 feet and heights up to 72 inches.


Grouser’s AG PRO series blades feature a quick attach system that saves operators time and effort when attaching and detaching blades.