Hydraulic Repair Estimator (www.Estimator4U.com) provides instant quotes (prices) for the repair costs of pumps, motors, rod cylinders, telescopic cylinders, and hose assemblies. The customer receives a general price range along with a low, median, and upper range with detail of work to be performed at each level of repair (labor rates are relative to location). Along with the estimate they also will see a list of local shops that provide these services.

The Process
Being in the repair business for over 30 years, the company collected and analyzed thousands of repairs and various data points to begin the process. The software application takes two key elements into consideration: labor and parts, for developing an accurate and detailed estimate. First, the company analyzed the labor component by determining the actual labor required to perform hundreds of different procedures required for thousands of different components. After analyzing the data created, they then developed numerous algorithms that automatically generate labor hour for various operations depending on components, size, and complexity. A nationwide survey and research determined labor rates and created a national model that generates quotes relative to different areas of the country.

The second key component is the cost of parts. They took thousands of actual repairs and analyzed the parts that were typically required for various types of repairs for each type of component, along with actual material cost from various vendors nationwide. Taking into consideration the availability of certain aftermarket parts and created algorithms and databases provided an accurate cost of parts relative to the repair being performed. These elements were put together in a easy-to-use software application that requires minimum input information, yet provides a consistent, accurate, and detailed estimate of repair for thousands of different components. Customers can easily access this application. The only thing required is Internet access.

Consumer Benefits
Hydraulic Repair Estimator is an Internet-based pricing application for hydraulic components, thus providing a layer of transparency for the fluid power industry to its customers. Hydraulic Repair Estimator does not provide any repair services; therefore customers are receiving unbiased estimates that are location-specific, accurate, detailed, and consistent.

1. Consumers can determine what their comfort zones are for their repairs by evaluating the range estimate of repair or by drilling down to more specific ranges shown as low, median, and upper with details included with each type.

2. Consumers are able to make better business decisions on their own by comparing the cost of repair to that of purchasing a new component.

3. Consumers may also use this tool to assist them in creating equipment repair budgets.

4. Consumers are provided with a list of shops within their service area that perform the actual repair they are requiring.

Shop Benefits
Hydraulic Repair Estimator provides a gauge for the fair price of repair for hydraulic components, to which the shops can compare its own pricing strategy. This allows everybody within the organization to “Quote with Confidence” and to know that they are a fair price leader in the industry.

1. Your company will appear next to an estimate that a customer creates within your service area.

2. Shops get customers that have a realistic expectation of the cost of repair.

3. Salespeople in the field will be able to give an immediate price range of repair, which will dramatically increase chances of getting the job NOW.

History: Rupe Corporation has been in the hydraulic repair industry since 1976. After selling their business in 2005, the owners set out to develop and research various projects related to the hydraulic industry that they felt would be beneficial and innovative to the industry and their customers. In 2009, the choice was made to pursue a standard for pricing hydraulic component repair. With their years of experience, they were able to create this software application.