Craftsman in the construction industry have faced a continuous problem when caulking in cold weather – finding a way to keep the caulk and other temperature sensitive items warm enough to flow freely or stick for efficient application.  The Caulk Warmer line of warming bags and wraps manufactured for the construction industry, solves this age old problem in the building trades. 


Skilled craftsmen know that warm caulk flows freely, and fills better, resulting in smoother joints with better adhesion and sealing.  But when caulk doesn’t flow, tapes and adhesives don’t stick and foams don’t spray, time and money are lost, and the delay increases frustration  for the contractor, developer and property owner. 

And up to now, the options for keeping caulk warm have been inventive, but primitive and inefficient at best.   Trying to keep caulk warm in buckets of water or running trucks periodically during the day with the tubes inside near the defrost vents are some examples of these methods.  And glaziers, perhaps the most innovative of all, sometimes keep extra tubes under their armpits while working to keep them warm.

Now there is a better option – the Caulk Warmer, a unique patented warming bag that combines a light weight economical heat source with a flexible heat reflecting shield to retain heat in the bag and keep caulk and other items warm. This allows caulk and other temperature sensitive items to flow more freely in cold weather, speeding up application time, relieving strain on user’s arms and hands and providing better sealing and appearance.

A Caulk Warmer produces better results any time the temperature drops below 50°. Caulk Warmer bags will keep caulk at 80° even when the outside temperature drops to -13°, making caulking in cold weather easy.

The heavy duty nylon canvas bag has a backstrap with a “quick disconnect” for looping over railings, plugs into 120V AC or 12V DC inverter, requires only 50 watts of power, and has a convenient cord storage pouch on the front. There is a convenient on/off switch and the internal temperature is thermostatically controlled. 

A Caulk Warmer holds 12 (1 case) standard size caulk tubes, or 7 quart size tubes, or 12 sausage size tubes, or 7 cans of foam, or a case of floor tile. Other suggested uses include temperature sensitive products such as insulating foam, windows & door sealing tape, adhesives, grease cartridges, welding rods, gloves and more.     

New users rave about the ease of use, time and money savings that the caulk warmer affords. Savings on workers time, and also the costs of not having to run vehicles to keep the caulk warm when there are no heat sources on site really add up.

In addition to the caulk warmer bag, Reasor Products now supplies cold weather warming wrap solutions for foam cylinders,  foam hoses, 5 gallon buckets, 1 and 2 gallon pails.  All these items make using and applying an array of products in a cold environment possible, successful and fast. 

If you are a contractor who would like a solution to the problems of caulking or apply any materials in cold weather you can find out more about the Caulk Warmer product line of warming bags, wraps, and hoses, by visiting


Pail Warming Wraps

1 Gallon Can, 2 Gallon and 5 Gallon Pail Warming Wraps

  • Use the same patented warming technology concept as the Caulk Warmer.
  • Concrete contractors will find the bag and wraps especially useful for keeping 2 part epoxies at optimal mixing temperature. This will ease the process of working on anchor insertion, expansion joints and also using injection ports to fill cracks.
  • Light weight economical heat source and heat reflecting shield are encased in a heavy duty nylon canvas wrapper that wraps around the can or bucket, sealing tightly with Velcro©.
  • Uses for the warmers vary from spray foams, adhesives, epoxies and elasto-meric sealers and coatings.