Have you ever wondered how to stop the annoying lime scale that your hard water deposits everywhere? Would you like to do this without having to buy one of those expensive water softeners you have to add salt to every week or two? 

A company called SoPhTec International has the answer. That answer is based on harnessing magnetic energy to change the way the calcium in your hard water crystallizes. In normal hard water, the calcium precipitates in the form of a hard crystal, which sticks to the inside of your water heater and pipes, and on shower doors, sinks, dishes and glassware. These crystals build up, one on top of another, to form layer upon layer of lime scale. This eventually causes a reduced water flow, until the pipes close up. Your water heater needs to use more energy to heat through the layer of lime scale. Lime scale also ruins the appearance of showers, sinks and dishes.
The fourteen individual permanent ceramic magnets in each SoPhTec water conditioner eliminate the harmful lime scale. The intense, precisely focused magnetic fields change the way the calcium crystallizes. They prevent the formation of lime scale. Instead, calcium is formed into a soft crystal which stays suspended in the water and does not stick to the surfaces it contacts. Essentially, the calcium just floats around in the water until the water eventually goes down the drain and takes the calcium with it without leaving the residue behind.
SoPhTec began manufacturing the water conditioners nineteen years ago. Thousands of units have been purchased throughout the country, on both wells and city water lines. The whole-house system consists of two conditioners, which can be installed by homeowners in less than ten minutes. The unit sells for $389 (including shipping and handling) and has a 90-day money back guarantee.
SoPhTec is distributed by MagneTec, 711 W. 17th St., Bldg. F-3, Costa Mesa, CA 92627. MagneTec can also be reached toll free at 877-854-7638.