Monsterballvise® products from Semmel Enterprises, are positioning systems which allow the user to place a held object at any altitude, infinitely variable – from fully perpendicular to horizontal – and hold it firmly, rigidly and immobile in that selected position. Changing positions takes only seconds.

Applications are as far ranging as the imaginations of those who use the Monsterballvise®. Numerous ergonomic and work positioning advantages allow the access of tools to work in a convenient and safe manner for assembly, welding, carving, and maintenance with any holding device mounted on the work plate. The wide range of angles and positions allows coatings to be applied to work in an even, more controllable manner.

Motorcycle Frame   Motorcycle Frame   Motorcycle Frame   Motorcycle Frame
Motorcycle frame fixture. Welding with existing fixtures or work holding devices. Fast reposition for the held item.

Monsterballvise® comes in three models: the adjustable floor model, the fixed height floor model, and the bench model – all made of half inch, powder coated steel. The floor models give maximum access while the bench model can be mounted on a sturdy “shelf” to create more advantageous access.

The ball is molded to the stem of the work plate, and a cross piece on the stem prevents twisting of the stem in the ball. Any holding device from a simple vise to a more complex welding fixture can be mounted on the work plate. This gives the holding device all the positioning advantages of the ball vise.

By positioning work properly the risk of repetitive motion injuries can be greatly reduced. The quick release of the ball and equally quick re-grip in a new position are key features of the Monsterballvise®. By making the worker more efficient and reducing injuries, the Monsterballvise® quickly pays for itself.

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Monsterballvise® products are manufactured and assembled in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA by Semmel Enterprises Inc.