If you are a contractor or specifier even remotely familiar with the decorative concrete and custom seamless flooring industry, you are familiar with the high demand and popularity of these flooring systems.
This Green Bay Wisconsin Harley Davidson dealership chose REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Flooring Systems for four reasons that are critical to all contractors, specifiers and property owners:

  • Aesthetics: They wanted something that incorporated the Harley Davidson colors but unique at the same time. Because REFLECTOR™ Enhancer is a fluid applied floor coating created onsite, each floor ends up with its own custom look and feel to match the surrounding design and theme.


  • Cost: Although we won’t reveal the exact price of this project, REFLECTOR™ Enhancer is less than most tiles, hardwoods, marble, slate and terrazzo.


  • Durability: Perhaps the most important reason. REFLECTOR™ Enhancer is engineered with the strength of high traffic industrial floor coatings and designed to last with less maintenance that other flooring products.


  • Green: REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Flooring Systems are completely VOC free and will not harm the environment.

Whether you are a contractor wanting to add these flooring systems to your current business or a specifier requiring assistance with your next project, Elite Crete Systems has a technical office near you to assist your needs. With over 100 technical support and specification offices available worldwide, there is surely one near you.

Contact us today to receive additional information at 888-323-4445 or visit www.elitecrete.com.

Harley Davidson Logo Flake Broadcast Floor
Staying with the same theme is a custom Harley Davidson at a completely different dealership created with E100-PT4™ 100% solids epoxy, E100-PT1™ clear epoxy and flake broadcast.

Flake or quartz broadcast finishes are ideal for manufacturing facilities, heathcare, clean rooms, food preparation areas, autoobile dealership service areas and even residential garage floors.

Some of the benefits include: seamless and easy to clean, non-slip texture, mold and mildew resistant, high strength durability and long term performance.

Special thanks to TNT Floor Coatings.