JBKnowledge’s 2015 Construction Technology Survey is underway, with over 500 responses in the first 48 hours; construction professionals have until July 6 to participate and receive the results.

 From June 23 until July 6, 2015, the year’s largest construction industry survey on technology will be conducted by JBKnowledge, in partnership with Texas A&M University’s Department of Construction Science, the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) and HCSS Construction Software. Last year, over 1,300 construction professionals participated in the survey, the results of which are published every fall in the annual Construction Technology Report.

This year’s survey investigates how builders are using cloud, mobile, drone and wearable technology; allocating resources for adopting new technology; and integrating processes through technology solutions. The annual survey began in 2012 as a research process to understand technology trends, strategies and budgets throughout the construction industry. The survey and resulting report has grown to be a valuable resource for any construction businesses interested in knowing where they stand among their peers and competitors.

All survey participants receive a complimentary copy of the final survey results in the 2015 Construction Technology Report when it is published this fall. The results will also be presented at the AGC IT Forum in Chicago, July 31st by JBKnowledge CEO and professional speaker James Benham.

“Every year, this survey gives builders critical insight into how they can better employ technology on construction projects. It’s essential reading for every professional in the construction industry that wants to stay current on the technology available across construction processes. We try to make it applicable and valuable to everyone in a construction company, from the IT geeks like us to the contractors still using a fax machine,” stated Benham.

In 2014, survey participants included companies of all sizes, building from less than $1 million in projects annually to over $1 billion annually. The 2014 report revealed a concerning lack of cloud security policies on mobile devices, abysmally low IT budget allowances, and a serious lack of integration among independent software providers.

“In short, we hope this year’s survey results show builders using less spreadsheets, more software integrations, and securing IT budgets that can make technology a competitive advantage,” added Benham.

Take five minutes to complete the 2015 Construction Technology Survey and receive the full results at jbknowledge.com/ct-survey.