Top Ten States for Equipment Theft in 2014:

  • Texas: 1,650
  • North Carolina: 918
  • Florida: 915
  • South Carolina: 660
  • Georgia: 647
  • California: 641
  • Tennessee: 576
  • Oklahoma: 471
  • Arkansas: 394
  • Indiana: 369

For the second year in a row, heavy equipment theft has increased according to the “2014 Heavy Equipment Theft Report” released this month. The report, co-published by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) and the National Equipment Registry (NER), shows there were 11,625 thefts reported in 2014 to law enforcement. This is a 1.2% increase in thefts from the 11,486 reported in 2013, and the second consecutive year of increases after declining for a number of years.

On the bright side, recoveries of stolen equipment have also increased over the past two years going from 2,204 in 2012 up to 2,465 in 2013 and increasing to 2,633 in 2014.

Just like in 2013, Texas, North Carolina and Florida grabbed the top three spots for most thefts per state again in 2014. Most of the states on the top ten for thefts by state in 2013 remained on the list in 2014 with the exception of Alabama which dropped out of the top 10 and was replaced by Indiana…

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