Rental machines employed at job-sites across the country have always been attractive prey for equipment thieves. That's why rental companies, perhaps better than any equipment industry players, understand the value and appreciate the results of law enforcement's equipment investigations.

In 2004, that appreciation led to the establishment of the American Rental Association Insurance Services and NER Annual Award, which recognizes law enforcement officers who have "performed exceptional service to the rental industry through the recovery of rental equipment or through theft prevention initiatives."

The award is presented during a special ceremony at the annual ARA Rental Show, and the nominations are submitted by ARA members and colleagues of the officers.

Please submit your nomination for this year's AIS/NER Award by sending an email to

The deadline is Friday November 7.

Nominations should include should include the nominees' full name, department, state and phone numbers as well as a detailed description of why your nominee should be the winner.

The winning candidates will be recognized at The Rental Show in Atlanta at the Georgia World Congress Convention Center, Feb. 22-25, 2016  and receive a $2000 grant to help fund additional heavy equipment theft efforts in their state.