Over 4 Million Images Captured by Drones, iPhones and Airplanes for Physical Inventory of Stockpiled Materials.

StockpileReports.com, an online image-based stockpile inventory management system, today announced it has secured over 100 customers world-wide since the launch of its service in 2013. Marquee customers include the Texas Department of Transportation, CEMEX, Quikrete, and Lane Construction. 

“Congratulations,” said Bruce Chattin, of the Washington Concrete and Aggregates Association. “Stockpile Reports has helped our members recognize the value of the ‘cash on the ground’ that stockpiles represent.  Stockpile Reports provides the information necessary for inventory management, production forecasts, confirmation of production (and quantities) delivered, made, sold and financial analysis. For the very large or smaller producer, they provide a simple and easy tool that creates reports in real time, in real and accurate quantities.”

“Technology is changing the way we do business. With the capabilities and variety of management tools Stockpile Reports offers, stockpile management can now become a routine task,” said Chattin.

John DeLong, President of Hawaiian Cement agrees, "For the first time, our supervisors and managers have a tool to quickly, inexpensively and accurately measure stockpile tonnage at the end of the month or even at the end of their shifts. Gone are the days of costly inventory adjustments or production shortfalls."

"Our incredible progress proves there's a large market demand for the ability to perform quarterly or even monthly physical inventory counts to reduce multimillion dollar write-offs.  Historically it has been too time consuming and expensive to perform physical inventory counts of thousands of stockpiles distributed across hundreds of locations so physical inventory counts were limited to once per year resulting in large financial swings,” said David Boardman, CEO of Stockpile Reports. "We are thrilled that our solution is attracting enterprise subscribers from around the world. They have the ability to choose to measure stockpiles by flying their drones, using our fly-over service, or even their iPhone.”

The recently patented StockpileReports.com platform leverages large-scale 3D reconstruction from the team at URC Ventures.  The platform was developed by a team of world-leading computer vision scientists, collectively holding 32 prior patents.  The same technology has been used to derive a 4 billion-pixel point cloud of the Himalayas from 130,000 images. More recently over 12,000 landmarks were reconstructed in 3D from 100 million crowd-sourced images from Yahoo.  URCV presented “How 12,903 of the World’s Most Beloved Landmarks Were Virtually Reconstructed in Six Days” at the Capturing Reality Forum in Salzburg, Austria, November 23-25.

“It’s very rewarding to see large scale computer vision begin to make an impact on every day business problems”, says Dr. Jan Michael Frahm, Chief Science Advisor at URC Ventures.  “We have been processing over a 100 million images from cell phones and other cameras in an academic context for years.  Our team has built an amazingly robust set of engines capable of processing 100s of millions of images.  Having DOT workers, quality control engineers, quarry managers, and others use advanced computer vision techniques on a day-to-day basis to do their work is incredibly validating.”

David Boardman will be presenting “Transforming Big Data into Big Results” at AGG1/World of Asphalt in Nashville, March 22-24, 2016. Look for Stockpile Reports at Booth 2851.

For more information visit www.StockpileReports.com