Are you connected to the construction, engineering, or architecture sectors? Have you considered doing business in the UK?

Then you should consider the U.S. Commercial Service's upcoming free webinar on UK Infrastructure Opportunities: Seeking Innovative U.S. Suppliers to Airports, Roads, Bridges and Rail Projects

When: 11:30 AM (EST), Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Cost: Free

Why: You'll learn how your construction, architecture, or engineering business can take advantage of $160 billion worth of United Kingdom infrastructure projects going up for bid. Additionally, you'll hear how projects will be implemented and where your company or firm will be best positioned for success in this market. Also, you'll get connected to the U.S. embassy in the UK and how your firm can leverage that relationship to increase business opportunities. Lastly, you can get important information on the upcoming May 25-27 I3 Innovation in Infrastructure Business Forum in London.


The United Kingdom recently announced the need to invest heavily in their infrastructure, and wish to lock in massive transportation projects valued at $160 billion, and the 2016 Strategic 100 Global Infrastructure Report by CGLA put the UK at the top of its list of locations for project opportunities. The UK beat out China, United States, Japan and Indonesia to secure its spot at the top of the rankings by project value.
With these opportunities now available, the U.S. Department of Commerce (U.S. Commercial Service-UK) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) will be hosting this webinar for U.S. firms looking to secure opportunities in the UK and beyond.

The best prospects for these opportunities include:

  • Architecture, engineering and construction firms
  • Innovative suppliers to airports, roads/bridges and rail projects
  • Sustainable products, smart machinery and equipment
  • Firms bringing efficient or environmentally forward solutions to infrastructure