With the North American launch of the PT-175, Prime Tech, a division of FAE, offers greater flexibility to its customers. The company is known for its line of forestry mulchers, forestry tillers, rock crushers and road construction heads. The multi-faceted nature of the PT-175 allows construction crews to perform multiple tasks with just one machine. This flexibility makes it an important tool for construction professionals in many industries.

The PT-175 offers numerous benefits. The forward-tilting cab gives easy access to the engine, which reduces time spent on service and maintenance as well as the costs of maintenance. Maintenance crews can get to the engine with minimal hassle.

The PT-175 was designed to be a compact option. This benefits the construction crew by allowing it to be driven from one site to the next without the need for special permits. It's also easier to navigate because of its smaller size. The small size also reduces the fuel consumption without limiting the production level of the machine.

The main benefit of the PT-175, however, is its flexibility. The machine offers multiple tooth options, allowing it to be used in many different applications and environments.

To learn more about the PT-175, visit www.prime-tech.com or www.Faeusa.com or call 770-280-7545.