Ligchine International, the world's leading manufacturer of boom-operated concrete screeds, will be demonstrating their latest models at World of Concrete 2015, which is scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada. The live demonstrations will occur during the exhibition phase of the event, February 2nd through the 6th, at Booth O32136 in the outdoor Silver lot of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The company's Screedsaver lineup of boom-operated screeds offers several important advantages over conventional screeds that must drive over the concrete to perform their jobs. "Drive-in" screeds face several inherent obstacles, including the wheels' tendency to deform metal rebar as they pass over the substrate and dig ruts into the concrete, weakening the final result. The main body of a boom-operated screed never enters the concrete; instead, the boom arm is capable of extending all the way to the far end of the concrete, leveling it without deforming it. Additionally, the remote-controlled Screedsavers eliminate the potential safety hazard of forcing a human driver to pilot the machine backwards across the concrete, possibly endangering other workers and equipment in the process due to impaired visibility and driver error.

Ligchine's Screedsavers come in three different size and capacity levels. The Screedsaver II can level up to 125 square feet of concrete per pass at a rate of 3,000 square feet per hour. The Screedsaver XT levels of up 155 square feet per pass at 5,000 square feet per hour, while the Screedsaver Max can level 200 square feet per pass at 7,000 square feet per hour. The Screedsaver II runs on a Honda 20-horsepower gas motor; Screedsavers XT and Max employ a Kubota 35-horsepower diesel motor. All three models include wireless remote control operation. Ligchine's products also include such advanced features as GPS navigation and laser guidance components to ensure a high degree of precision.

Ligchine has achieved a number of notable firsts in the concrete industry. Not only was it the first company to offer a range of three different screed machines, it was also the first to employ wireless remote control, a screed with a zero-turn, all-terrain track drive (the Screedsaver XT), and sold the first boom screeds priced at under $100,000.

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Boom Operated Screed Machines advantages over Drive-in Screeds

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