To protect valuable diesel tractor engines while improving performance and fuel usage, Prolong® Super Lubricants offers an advanced, concentrated commercial formula Diesel Fuel Treatment. Prolong’s commercial grade Diesel Fuel Treatment is formulated with premium detergents to clean diesel injectors and the entire fuel system. By increasing fuel lubricity, it helps protect against fuel system corrosion and premature wear of pumps and injectors.  

Simple to use, concentrated Prolong Diesel Fuel Treatment is poured into the tractor’s fuel tank before fueling, with just one to two ounces needed to treat 10 gallons of diesel fuel. For infrequently-used tractors, Prolong recommends changing the fuel filter after two or three treatments to remove loosened fuel tank contaminants. Depending on engine condition at initial treatment, the 12-ounce bottle of fuel treatment can treat 60 to 120 gallons, and it is also available in five-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums.

As a special introductory offer for agricultural customers, any size Prolong Diesel Fuel Treatment is available with a 20 percent discount and free shipping in the continental U.S. Use code ALLFARM to purchase online at

Visit  or call 800.540.LUBE (5823) for more information.