K-Tec Earthmovers has just launched its latest and largest construction pull scraper for massive scale earthmoving. The K-Tec 1263 ADT is the world’s largest earthmoving scraper available on the market today.  With a heaped capacity of 63 cubic yards (ISO) and empty tare weight of 61,000 lbs, the K-Tec 1263 ADT is built for massive dirt moving projects. Designed to be pulled with a 40Ton+ Articulated Dump Truck, this scraper is ready to help contractors substantially reduce their dirt moving costs and gain a massive advantage in the earthmoving industry. The hitch system transfers 32% of the scraper load weight directly to the point where the truck is designed to carry weight. An exclusive digital display screen is included in the cab for visual operating details, tracking load count productivity, and troubleshoot serviceability. The 1263 ADT has a bolt-together design which enables overseas container shipment, and ease of maintenance.

To maximize the 1263’s capacity, a push dozer in the cut is recommended to utilize the standard roller push-block innovation (an exclusive feature in today's scraper market). Additionally, for contractors with excavators, the K-Tec 1263 ADT works exceptional as a haul wagon with the large target area making for easy and efficient loading. The K-Tec 1263 ADT was enhanced from its predecessor, the K-Tec 1254 ADT. The extra 9 cubic yard capacity comes from a 15.25' long bucket and larger gate belly to contain more material. K-Tec has recognized the need for increased capacity and efficient scrapers for large contractors, and the 1263 ADT fills this gap in the market.

With the introduction of the K-Tec 1263 ADT, K-Tec has a scraper for every contractor in any dirt application, whether it is an owner/operator outfit, or a large scale earthmoving project. K-Tec’s scraper models range from 25 to 63 cubic yard capacities. K-Tec scrapers offer rapid cycle times and superior flotation for maximum performance and are backed by a 3-Year structural warranty.

For more information, visit http://ktec.com/our-scrapers/k-tec-1263-adt.