Webasto Polar Cab TS utilizes world-class thermal storage technology which provides greater comfort for off-highway equipment operators.

Webasto, a leader in equipment and vehicle heating and cooling solutions, continues to set technological standards in climate control. The new Webasto Polar Cab TS engine-off cabin cooling system provides on-demand cooling during down time, which results in fuel savings, reduced idle time, increased productivity and operator safety and comfort.

“Designing products with operator safety and comfort in mind is a big part of our business plan at Webasto,” said Webasto Thermo & Comfort North America President and CEO, Dr. Rolf Haag. “Webasto products provide operators an opportunity to reduce machine hours, scale down fuel costs, lease payments, and lower annual maintenance costs,” Haag continued.  

Webasto’s Polar Cab TS engine-off cabin cooling system features a patented storage core with a series of aluminum micro-channels, which route liquid refrigerant around a graphite honeycomb substrate that is impregnated with water. This substrate is capable of storing cold energy at an extremely high efficiency. This cold energy is transferred to the cab for on demand cooling via a compact air handler, which results in operator comfort and fuel savings.

The all-new Polar Cab TS engine-off cabin cooling system has a cooling capacity of 4,450 BTU/h. The Polar Cab TS does not require any additional batteries and consumes very little power. The system can be fully recharged within 3 hours. Webasto offers Polar Cab TS as an aftermarket kit, which includes the thermo storage core, electrical compressor (24V), condenser with fan, air handler, wire harness and miscellaneous hardware needed for installation. The system can be installed at the dealership on new equipment as well as on existing equipment.

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