McLaren Industries, a  manufacturer of OEM and aftermarket tracks and tires, has joined forces with construction field innovator EcoVolve. The Irish green-tech manufacturing company recently unveiled its ED1000, a fully electric high tip dumper. Fitted with McLaren’s NuAir solid cushion tires, ED1000 operators will experience unmatched stability, toughness and smoothness of ride.

“We are thrilled to partner with McLaren,” EcoVolve owner Sean Breen said. “EcoVolve prides itself as an innovator, so it was a natural fit to join a company also renowned for pushing technological boundaries.”

The 100-percent electric ED1000 has no fumes, requires no fuel or fuel storage and produces very little noise. The nimble 1-ton dumper transports easily, and was made for city or residential settings, as well as night work. An integrated charging system automatically picks the correct voltage from a power source, and charging overnight allows the ED1000 to go a full workday without stopping.

In conjunction with a unique steering system, McLaren NuAir tires significantly reduce unwanted tire marks on surfaces, making the ED1000 ideal anywhere cleanliness is mandatory, such as clean rooms, shopping malls, hospitals, and food processing plants. Because NuAir tires last four to five times longer than pneumatic tires with zero downtime from flats, they maximize the efficiency and productivity of the ED1000 for any construction or demolition project.

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