VMAC is pleased to introduce the lightest, smallest and most affordable rotary screw gas driven air compressor in the industry, the revolutionary RAPTAIR-G30.

VMAC has upped the ante in the mobile air compressor market. This high performance, gas engine driven, rotary screw compressor has a price point comparable to its reciprocating gas drive competitors, but with reliability, durability and performance that is synonymous with VMAC rotary screw compressors. This marks the first time a rotary screw air compressor has been able to compete in the smaller CFM gas drive market.

In another industry first, VMAC is backing the RAPTAIR-G30 with the best warranty in the industry. First, the Subaru EX40 14HP gasoline OHC engine is covered by Subaru's industry leading 5 Year Warranty*. If that isn't good enough, VMAC is so confident in the rotary screw compressor, it's backed by VMAC's Lifetime Warranty*. Never before has an inexpensive gas driven compressor been backed by such protection. VMAC wants you to feel confident that your compressor won't let you down.

"By following LEAN business practices, using state of the art machinery, modern engineering and manufacturing methods and showing a passion to deliver the best value to customers, VMAC's engineering and manufacturing teams have developed a price-competitive product that we are so confident in, we are backing it for life," says Dan Hutchinson, VMAC OEM Business Development Manager.

At a continuous 30 CFM @ 100 PSI (tested to ASME standards), it provides enough power to get most day-to-day jobs done – only faster because the RAPTAIR-G30 rotary screw compressor is rated for 100% duty cycle, meaning it never stops producing the air that is required. With VMAC's patent-pending WHASP tank technology, both the air and oil are cooled in this fully integrated package, eliminating the need for bulky accessories. And with the constant and smooth air delivery of the VMAC rotary screw air end, most customers will not require a large cumbersome receiver tank.

Its small footprint only takes up 20.3" (w) x 33.5" (l) on the vehicle. With a height of only 21" and weight of only 205lbs, the RAPTAIR-G30 is at least 50% lighter and 50% smaller than comparable gas drive air compressors, which allows it to easily mount with 4 bolts on the top of the side-pack of a service body. This creates space for additional tools and equipment.

VMAC once again proves with the new RAPTAIR-G30 gas drive rotary screw air compressor that great things do come in lighter and smaller packages.

*For more information about VMAC or the RAPTAIR-G30, or to learn more about VMAC's Lifetime or Subaru's 5-Year Warranty, visit www.vmacair.com/g30.