The 2015 Ford Diesel BRONTO Bridge Inspection Truck is the latest addition to Al Asher and Sons’ national rental fleet. Bronto Mfg. is a global leader in aerial lift platforms with time proven products to meet specialized and demanding job requirements. The two-man, 600 lb. aerial platform is a multi-purpose machine with vertical, horizontal, and under-reach capability.

The underbridge reach from an overhead bridge rail is 26-ft penetration. Bronto Skylift seamlessly provides safety and reliability with an audible alert system signaling an overload situation at the work platform, as well as limiting circuits for all boom movements to prevent the work platform from coming out of the permitted working range.

Start and stop switches for the boom power system are installed on all control panels. Hydraulic outriggers are equipped with optional hard rubber wheels, which enable the operator to “walk” the boom along the work area, increasing efficiency and saving time. Two-way speaker communications from cab to work platform provide a valuable enhancement for the operator.

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