Sensera Systems — built to deliver world-class products and solutions for integrated remote sensing and imaging in construction, security, industrial automation, oil and gas, traffic, agriculture, law enforcement and public safety — has expanded its popular MultiSense camera lineup with 4 new models offering increased resolutions, onboard storage, additional cellular carrier options, and all-new LiveView® feature for near-real-time viewing.

The MC-38 and MC-68 models include 8MP resolution still imaging, 64GB of edge recording capacity, and wider fields-of-view. Both models are offered with ATT and Verizon options for cellular connectivity. The MC-38 and MC-68 models are based on the MultiSense camera platform which provides fully integrated solar/wireless operation, all managed over Sensera Systems’ WebApp+Cloud Service.  The service offers a 100% web-based user interface which provides configuration and control of cameras, viewing of images and video, automated time-lapse, secure archiving, and sharing, from any PC, phone,  or tablet.

Also announced is LiveView®, available for all MC-60 Series cameras. LiveView provides near- real-time site viewing with significantly lower data requirements than traditional video streaming.

LiveView® allows users to select from multiple image resolutions and update frequencies as low as 1 minute. Images are automatically uploaded and displayed immediately, and then stored for 1 week, providing a historical recording that can be viewed from the cloud interface. LiveView® can be used for up to 8 hours/day, 5 days/week for less than 1GB/month data usage, making it very affordable for continuous site monitoring over cellular data links. LiveView® is ideal for a range of real-time uses in construction, traffic monitoring, law enforcement and public safety, and security & surveillance.

The company also announced several enhancements to its WebApp+Cloud Service including native video streaming to IOS, Android, and Chrome/Windows mobile and desktop platforms. This allows users to monitor sites in real-time from virtually any mobile platform with no custom app required. Also announced was a new fully automated bandwidth estimation feature that displays in detail the cellular bandwidth required for different camera configurations and settings. This allows MultiSense cameras to be easily configured and used directly by end-users with no guesswork about cellular data usage.

“Our development team has been very productive creating these new products and features – all based on customer requests to have broader cellular coverage, increased camera resolutions, and more flexible ways to monitor their remote sites. LiveView® is a unique feature that sets Sensera Systems apart as a leader in 100% wireless/solar/cloud based remote monitoring systems, providing low-cost, continuous visual monitoring over cellular networks.”, said David Gaw, President of Sensera Systems. “LiveView solves a real problem for construction site security by allowing continuous visual monitoring of the site over cellular links in a way that is affordable for projects of all sizes.”

For more information on the MC-38 and MC-68 camera models or additional Sensera Systems products, visit, or call (800) 657-0437.