Hirschmann MCS has introduced the qSCALE I2 / I3 load moment indicator.  The qSCALE I2 / I3 provides the operator with a graphic display of the cranes current load and geometric information, including the actual and allowable load, boom length, boom angle, and load radius. The display also includes an integrated bar graph which provides the operator with information about the cranes utilization.

The system offers the flexibility of a 4.3” (qSCALE I2) or 7” (qSCALE I3) color graphic display that features superior HMI graphic interface for easy operation.  The console was designed with a IP66/67 protection rating which is suitable for use in both non-cab and in-cab applications. Setup of the crane parameters and LMI functions are done through a new and easy to use Configuration Tool.   The system also features a simplified calibration procedure through a menu-driven process to reduce calibration time.  The qSCALE I2 / I3 meets the requirements of OEM and aftermarket applications.

Hirschmann’s MCS division supplies a variety of sensors and control systems that meet numerous market and safety requirements.

Visit http://info.belden.com/qscale_i2-0-0-0 for more informatin.