Bestway Inc., manufacturer of the Retriever brand of equipment dealer logistic products, announces the introduction of the Retriever PUP Self-Loading Trailer. The Retriever®  PUP features a self-contained hydraulic 3-point lift system (CAT I and CAT II), that allows one operator and a pick-up truck to hitch up, lift, load and transport 3-point implements, without the need for a tractor, forklift or skid steer to assist in the loading or unloading.

For even more versatility, the hydraulic top link and Universal Skid Steer attachment option allow the Retriever® PUP to easily pick up and transport skid steer attachments. The operator simply backs up to the implement or skid steer interface, lifts the load using the hydraulic system, then hydraulically moves the hitch carriage forward on the trailer for transport. To unload the implement or attachment the loading procedure is simply reversed.

The Retriever® PUP was designed for equipment dealers and equipment rental companies, to transport equipment more efficiently with less time, labor and cost inputs. Implements that can be easily damaged in loading or transport, like seeders, are handled as intended, by their 3-point hitch, greatly reducing the risk of damage and unnecessary repairs and downtime.

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