The screening business is evolving, and the Construction Equipment Company (CEC) is creating equipment that adapts to meet these changes. The industry is getting smaller, and with tighter locations, compact equipment is a necessity. In most cities in North America, cramped work locations in dense urban environments–coupled with difficult transportation corridors, have created challenges for large machinery.

The CEC 4×8 Diesel Screen-It was designed to meet evolving market demands. Designed with the smaller contractor in mind, the new CEC 4×8 Screen-It is an affordable and efficient screen plant that can generate profit on almost every job site.

Simple to set up and easy to use, the 4×8 Screen-It is lightweight (17,600 lbs.) and is easily towed by most modern medium duty or light duty diesel work trucks. The 4×8 comes standard with a fuel-efficient 3-cylinder Duetz air-cooled 48hp diesel engine, keeping operational cost to a minimum at under two gallons per hour on average.

The screen utilizes a 4’ by 8’ screen box, creating a smaller footprint and lighter weight while producing a quality product. The 4×8 screen allows the Screen-It to produce high volumes of materials–up to 120 tons per hour.

The machine can be fed or loaded with material for processing during production with  a smaller loader or skid steer.

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