ACE Torwel introduces the ANDERSON-TORWEL plow systems designed for daily use on commercial / municipal trucks.  The 10’ straight plow is built of heavy gauge steel, weighs in at a rugged 1,650 pounds with mount and has a height of 39.5” inches.  The 11’ straight plow weighs in at a rugged 1,800 pounds with mount and has a height of 44” inches.  The Highway Style plow is designed with 3/16” steel moldboard, with extensive vertical and horizontal rib bracing to provide superior strength and durability. Adjustable 5 ½” dual trip springs allow moldboard to trip when cutting edge hits a solid object and returns to plowing position when obstruction is passed.

ACE Torwel engineers have developed a rugged system for both 10’ and 11’ plows that allow for fast and easy attachment and detachment.  A three-position adjustable power angle allows for fine adjustment pitch.  Our smooth semi-circle push angle design with reversing dual acting cylinders assists right and left adjustment of snow disposal.  The ANDERSON-TORWEL plow will stand up for years under severe and heavy service.  Both models have a replaceable steel 5/8” x 6” cutting edges.

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