The new, heavy-duty Strobel Forced Ejection Scraper allows you to easily break new ground. The user-friendly scraper features adjustable, heavy-duty 3" concaved rollers and a low-profile design with 3-piece high-strength cutting blades.

The Strobel gives a full 120” of cut with no buildup. Industrial-strength Strobel-Strong Sides give the scraper extra support, with easy and fast loading and unloading. The corrugated side walls provide a smooth inside and outside wall, and the beveled adjustable guide rollers keep the push-off gate straight–even after years of use.

Other notable features of the Strobel Forced Ejection Scraper include heavy-duty industrial tires and rims, adjustable clean out blades and all pivot points that are ‘greaseable’. Proudly made in the USA (Clarks, NE), every scraper is backed by the Strobel-Strong Warranty that covers parts, materials and workmanship.

The Strobel Forced Ejection Scraper is currently available in four models with a range of 8.5 to 12 yards; 8 and 10 foot cut, and a weight range of 12,950 to 14,000 pounds; tongue or dolly hitch available.

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