Mr. Manhole’s new Gold Series upgrade brings many improvements to the original Six Shooter, the high volume manhole frame removal system. This upgrade embodies all of the original features of the Six Shooter plus the newest technologies developed during years of in-the-field-use.

While the original version had six cutting blades with straight profile cutting teeth, the new Gold Series cutting tooth profile is curved to match the arc of the cut. This curve drastically changes the performance of the cutting teeth. The receiver bars the teeth plug into have been redesigned to enhance longevity and performance.

To adjust the cutting diameter with the original Six Shooter, large bolts had to be removed to enable each cutting arm to be moved. The Gold Series upgrade features a quick adjust system that allows cutting diameter adjustment in seconds, without tools.

The center shaft of the Gold Series has been redesigned to facilitate longer life and easier replacement, if needed. The main hexagonal drive has been redesigned for strength and the size increased from 2” to 2.5”. The hydraulic motor is larger and has a 2.5” output shaft, which is an increase over the original 2” shaft.

At the heart of the Gold Series Six Shooter, the steel plates that comprise the carrier assembly have been increased from 1/2” to 5/8”. The Speedplate, which is the centering device for the cutting system, also has been strengthened.
For customer convenience, the training videos are now available online, and as always, Mr. Manhole support is just a phone call away. The Gold Series package is priced at $21,999.

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