Mattracks has announced production slots for its latest rubber track conversion, the Maxim model, which joins the company's Litefoot lineup. With this rubber track conversion, UTV owners can increase the track area to allow the vehicle to easily glide over snowy terrain, without the need to plow through it.

The patented Maxim model practically doubles the tracks area compared to other track systems. The design features a switch back system that allows the rear tracks to extend under the vehicle so that they nearly touch the front tracks. This reduces weight on the front end of the UTV, allowing for smooth motion over the terrain.

This rear trail profile is what sets the Maxim apart from other track systems on the market. The rear rail wheel profile increases the amount of track on the ground, thus preserving traction while preserving maneuverability and turning capabilities.

The overall design of the Maxim mirrors that of a snowmobile to make off-road mobility a reality with UTVs, even in snowy conditions. The system works on other terrain as well, with smooth running and easy turning because of the large amount of track on the ground.

Mattracks, which is located in Karlstad, MN, is considered one of the industry's leading manufacturers of rubber track conversions. They currently have over 100 different models of rubber track conversion systems for UTVs, trucks, tractors, agricultural equipment, ATVs, construction equipment and military equipment, and also provide custom applications for needs large and small.

Production slots for the Maxim began on February 1, 2016, and interest has been high. Mattracks is offering a special introductory pricing for the system.

Visit or call 877-436-7800 for more information about Maxim or other Mattracks, Inc., systems.