Insero Equipment recently announced the introduction of the AMP (Auxiliary Mobile Power) unit to the Insero Equipment product line. The Insero AMP provides operators the ability to utilize pneumatic, electric and hydraulic auxiliary power sources on a Cat® skid steer loader base.

The auxiliary power source allows operators to run tools such as jackhammers, drills, saws and welders from the various power circuits with over 100 feet of reel capacity. “No outside power source is required while utilizing the AMP, making remote jobsites easier to access with the necessary tools workers need,” said Jared Reinoehl, Insero Equipment Director of Manufacturing.  

An added feature is the attachable One Trip Design Tool Rack that is easily loaded onto the AMP through its universal coupler and tool bracket with interchangeable inserts. This allows workers to transport up to four heavy-duty tools along with a standard bucket to their jobsite. The tool rack is easily removable, giving way to a fully functioning skid steer loader with work tool attachments if desired.

“The unique construction of the One Trip Design Tool Rack provides ease of operation for our customers,” said Reinoehl. “We want to help create a jobsite that functions at its fullest capacity and the AMP and its features can help accomplish that.”

The dynamic tool capabilities, self-sufficient power and transformative aspects of the AMP make it a versatile piece of machinery in any fleet.

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