Continuing its “smart-growth” strategy of identifying, evaluating and delivering new, value-added product innovations that provide quantifiable business value to the construction and demolition industries, Indeco North America, a leading provider of hydraulic breakers, compactors, crushers and pedestal booms for demanding demolition, mining, recycling and road construction applications, recently launched its IHW Series of boom-mounted wheel compaction devices.

Achieving greater productivity than dedicated walk-behind units and utilizing the excavator or back-hoe applied static weight to quickly achieve compaction density, Indeco North America’s new IHW Series provides a superior, cost-effective way to fully leverage existing equipment investments while enhancing jobsite safety by reducing worker time in trenches. It’s engineered to efficiently, safely and economically compact fill material in a trench as it is being back-filled and features an unique, patent-pending locking wheel removal design that facilities easy, field accessibility to the heavy-duty, sealed bearings by eliminating traditional weld-type bearing encasements.

“We’re very excited to be able to offer our customers this latest addition to our performance-proven family of boom-mounted compaction devices,” said Mike Fischer, president and chief executive officer of Indeco North America. “This new addition, with its unique removable locking wheel design and sealed bearings, is ideally suited to those looking to economically leverage and add versatility to existing carrier equipment already on the jobsite.”

Featuring heavy duty steel weldments with relief ports to prevent material jams and specially designed pads that effectively penetrate trench fill and achieve bottom-up rather than top-down compaction, the IHW Series is ideally suited for cohesive and clay soil environments where vibratory plate methods may not achieve optimum results. It’s simple to install and operate due to its purely mechanical design and requires no special hydraulic connections or separate drive systems. The IHW Series is available in a wide variety of models and width sizes to accommodate most excavator brands.

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