Lock and Lube LLC announces the introduction of the industrial grade G.Gun grease gun. The foot operated grease gun makes it easy to grease machines quickly, safely, and with no mess. The large canister holds 16 lbs. of grease–the equivalent of 20 standard grease tubes–allowing regular greasing without endless refilling. You save money by buying bulk grease as compared to individual tubes. Since it is foot operated, no external power source is needed–no recharging and no expensive battery to replace.

Equipped with the LockNLube grease coupler and a patented pressure release valve, the unit is operated by slightly lifting the foot pedal. A 6.5 foot hose comes standard, but longer hoses are available. A unique two-stage pump creates a wave action in the grease, eliminating air locks and the need for a follower plate.

The combination of a pressure return valve and a check valve in the LockNLube coupler gives a near waste-free disconnection. Simply lift the pedal to relieve pressure and return the grease to the canister.

The LockNLube grease gun coupler comes with a sliding sleeve activated by a thumb lever. The unit’s 4 spring-steel jaws lock onto the zerk; when locked on, it is properly lined up and will not leak–even under extreme pressure. Rated at 10,000 psi, it is designed to work with both Metric and SAE fittings. The G.Gun delivers twice the volume per stroke as the typical manual gun thus especially saving time when tightening crawler tracks.

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