Create temporary roadways in a flash with the new SlatTrax® ground protection system. SlatTrax® eliminates the manual labor and handling of plywood or mats – no disposal, replacement, or storage issues.

The SlatTrax® system connects to a skid loader and carries up to 100′ of dual Trax, which are made of recycled plastics and are connected laterally as well as strapping to hold the entire section together lengthwise. The hydraulically driven system dispenses the Trax in two minutes with drop off connections to allow manual maneuvering of sections. Trax are available in 36″ or 42″ options.

Trax adapt to hills and curves; you can also maneuver sections of Trax manually to meet your needs. Trax can be used on hardscape, eliminate damage and scars on driveways or pavers. An optional trailer unit can hold your system for convenient storage, and transport.

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