Ergodyne announced yesterday the expansion of their Chill-Its® line, incorporating the revolutionary 6602 Cooling Towel into three of their top selling products. The unique technology features Polyvinyl acetate (PVA) material to offer a lightweight, low-profile solution that activates quickly by submerging in water (temperature of water does not matter) for less than one minute, resulting in hours of cooling relief.  

Providing a superior chill without the added bulk, weight and slime of conventional cooling solutions, Ergodyne’s three new products offer additional benefits, including:

Chill-Its® 6705CT Evaporative Cooling Bandana with Towel & Hook and Loop offers breakaway, hook and loop closure for a secure and comfortable fit.

Chill-Its® 8935CT Evaporative Cooling Class Headwear Hi-Vis Ranger Hat w/ Cooling Towel provides a wide brim and vented mesh side panels lined with an advanced PVA material for the ultimate in cooling relief.

Chill-Its® 6670CT Evaporative Cooling Hard Hat Neck Shade with Cooling Towelkeeps the sun off your neck while delivering cool comfort.

These patented, exclusive designs offer unique protection to beat the heat,”

said Tom Votel, president and CEO of Ergodyne. “The PVA technology eliminates the sausage-like bulkiness found in traditional cooling technology and instead offers a lightweight, low-profile cooling solution.”

Ideal for use under hardhats and helmets as well as any outdoor/indoor worker who battles heat and fatigue on the job, these products are available now at all authorized Ergodyne distributors. For more information, visit or contact our crackerjack staff at 800-225-8238.