Blount, the world’s largest manufacturer of saw chain, announces the launch of the new OREGON® PowerNow™ 40V MAX* Cordless Chainsaw.

For the first time, a battery-powered chainsaw delivers a combination of performance and features that makes it a true alternative to many gas-powered chainsaws.

With spring coming, construction professionals will be working outside more and will enjoy the PowerNow Chainsaw’s grab and go convenience. Equipped with a 14” bar, the PowerNow Chainsaw can replace the reciprocating saw or circular saw in many cases as it quickly powers through lumber, floor joists, roofing trusses, glue-lam beams and gets into spaces difficult to reach with any other method, let alone offering a quick and easy solution for jobsite clearing or trimming of trees, limbs, and large bushes.

When not in use the lithium ion battery pack holds a charge for months so the PowerNow Chainsaw is ready when you are to make cuts for special framing needs, beam pockets, heat registers and more.

The new OREGON PowerNow Chainsaw offers instant starting without a pull cord, powerful cutting with no-fade power, and long runtime – all free from the hassles of gasoline or cords.

The PowerNow Chainsaw is much quieter than gas-powered chainsaws in use and is silent between cuts. At just under 11 pounds, the PowerNow Chainsaw is lightweight, easily portable and offers ergonomic comfort.

“Many contractors and remodelers use gas-powered chainsaws because they don’t believe that cordless electric chainsaws have the power to perform,” said Josh Huffman, Sr. Marketing Manager. “That has all changed with the new OREGON PowerNow Chainsaw. Not only is it powerful, but it is free from the hassles of gasoline or power cords.”

Watch the OREGON® PowerNow™ 40V MAX* Chainsaw in action at

Watch the OREGON® PowerNow™ 40V MAX* Chainsaw in action at