Mentor Dynamics Ltd., a 33-year-old company that pioneered the design of high performance polymer liners in articulated trucks, introduces the Dyna-Flo® brand truck bed liner.

In the early 1980’s the company worked with one of the major truck manufacturers to develop a liner design and installation method that would improve the efficiency and wear life of articulated and rigid frame trucks. The new liner improved material release without the use of heated beds or other mechanical devices. It also extended the wear life of the floor and other high wear surfaces. Over the intervening years, the company’s Dyna-Flo® brand became the industry standard with a proven record of performance, and quality. Today, Dyna-Flo® liners are designed and fabricated on computer-controlled equipment to insure consistent fit and quality, and are now available for all models of articulated trucks.

Dyna-Flo® liners made from an engineering grade plastic, offer excellent abrasion resistance and an extremely low coefficient of friction. This unique combination makes it ideally suited for improving the performance and wear life of hauling equipment. Installation can be done locally and normally takes a day or two for most truck models. Payback on the cost of a liner can be very fast. For example, with two (2) cubic yards of carryback, one owner reported a payback in less than three months. His return was based on making sixty loads per day. Other company’s results will vary.

Dyna-Flo® liners continue to evolve with new liner designs, innovative fastening systems, and other technical innovations to help meet the demanding needs of today’s truck owners and operators.

Mentor Dynamics Ltd. is headquartered in Glen Burnie, Maryland, and sells throughout the USA and Canada. For more information call 410-760-6349 or visit