Diversified Products has introduced the RigEm&Roll, a remote-controlled grapple for the tree services industry. The patented product attaches to the load line of a crane for safely grabbing and picking large limbs, eliminating the need to go out on the limbs to set chokers.

Constructed of 100,000-psi steel, the RigEm&Roll is independently powered by a self-contained 24-volt battery and hydraulic system. It weighs approximately 500 pounds and has a lifting capacity of 5,500 pounds. The grapple jaws close using 1,000 psi of force for grabbing limbs up to 20 inches in diameter. Furthermore, the hydraulic cylinders offer fast cycle times and feature integrated check valves, ensuring the jaws remain firmly closed until the operator releases them. This maximizes productivity and safety.

The RigEm&Roll includes positioning spikes for rigging limbs angled up to 70 degrees from horizontal. Additionally, it comes with a remote control, allowing the unit to be operated up to 400 feet away through a direct line of sight. With a little practice, a skilled operator can quickly learn to use the RigEm&Roll safely and effectively.

Thanks to a quick-attach system, the RigEm&Roll attaches to the load line of a crane in less than a minute. The unit is capable of picking approximately 60 limbs on a fully charged battery, and a warning light is included to indicate low battery.

The RigEm&Roll was designed, developed and tested by arborist Tierson Boutte, who licensed the rights to Diversified Products for the manufacturing, distribution and marketing of the product.

Diversified Products offers a wide range of attachments for cranes, knucklebooms and digger derricks. For more information, contact Diversified Products at 254-757-1177 or visit the website at www.diversifiedproduct.com.