The new Neptune Automated Undercarriage Wash System removes abrasive bitumen, silica sand, clay, and sludge accumulations from light trucks, SUVs, and other passenger vehicles in approximately 20 minutes. Versus day-long manual cleaning, this automated system offers fleet managers a quick, easy and cost-efficient solution that delivers ease of maintenance,  and prevents excessive wear and safety hazards.

Engineered with an 800-psi wash pressure, the Neptune Automated Undercarriage Wash System is closed loop to allow water recycling. For complete cleaning, it’s equipped with a side wash feature that allows simultaneous cleaning of vehicle sides and undercarriage. The sludge is transported outside the system by an automated sludge conveyor.

Designed for reliable and safe operation, trucks simply drive straight onto the system and straight off, with no backing up required. For flexibility, the system is modularized for use with larger vehicles up to 28-feet in length; and for shorter vehicles, the system’s photo eyes allow automatic adjustments for additional time and energy savings.

In the spring of 2013, Neptune Canada will demonstrate its second generation automated high-pressure undercarriage wash system in the Fort McMurray area.

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Neptune USA, a leading manufacturer of automated wheel wash systems has introduced its new Undercarriage Wash System.