The new four-wheel-drive Cat® 450F Backhoe Loader Center Pivot complements the durability, reliability, and lifting performance of its 450E predecessor with a more efficient overall design, including more horsepower, electronic control of the hydraulic system, serviceability improvements, and added operator comfort and convenience. Powered by a Cat C4.4 ACERT™ engine meeting EPA Tier-4 Interim emission standards, the 450F also retains the 450E’s unrivaled versatility, available with a hydraulic thumb, pin- puller-type coupler, and a range of compatible work tools, including buckets with integral forks, hammers, and plate compactors.

With 5 percent more gross power than the 450E, the new 450F has added capability for aggressively digging in stubborn banks and stockpiles, for maintaining faster road speeds, and for more easily climbing grades. The engine delivers 396 lb.-ft. of torque and has a torque rise of more than 30 percent, allowing the 450F to power through tough applications. An automatic engine speed control feature reduces engine speed if hydraulic functions are idle, contributing to increased fuel efficiency and reduced sound levels.

The 450F incorporates a closed-center, load-sensing hydraulic system that uses an extremely efficient variable-flow main pump, which is now electronically controlled to provide enhanced power management and response, resulting in more precise control of  backhoe and loader functions, added productivity, and increased fuel economy. A replaceable-cartridge hydraulic filter allows environmentally friendly disposal. For operator convenience, the loader is self-leveling and incorporates a return-to-dig feature.

Other design features that add to the 450F’s reliability and ease of maintenance include a composite fuel tank that reduces condensation and resists rust, new electric fuel-priming pump that simplifies routine service, single-plane cooling package for improved efficiency and easier cleaning, engine-sump drain tap for controlled oil evacuation, relocated primary fuel filter that is easily accessed, standard battery-disconnect switch, and relocated engine ECM (electronic control module) that facilitates trouble-shooting.

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