An important anniversary is upon Bair Products, Inc. as they celebrate their 10th year in business. Over the past decade, the company has provided upgraded, heavy-duty aftermarket undercarriage parts for Caterpillar, ASV and Terex Small Compact loaders, to help construction crews get the job done more efficiently.

Long-term success, Tonya Bair, VP of Operations said, “Bair Parts were created so the end user has an option to run upgraded heavy-duty parts along with or instead of the factory parts. Most factory undercarriage parts have a limited life span and usually wear out prematurely even under normal conditions.”

Whether it’s a new machine  or used one picked up at an auction, the end user benefits since many Bair parts are interchangeable with factory parts already on the machine. This means that the end user can fix a specific problem area with both factory and Bair parts, but does not have to replace the entire undercarriage with one or the other, saving time and money.

A decade ago, founder Larry Bair invented his signature products as he worked to keep his own Caterpillar skid loaders functional and reduce downtime. He found the cost for parts and repairs to be quite high, so he created his own products. As the other members of the construction industry learned of these products, he began to sell them to others, and soon was able to specialize in after market parts for CAT/ASV/TEREX skid loaders.

Products include rubber tracks, greaseable wheels kits, hydraulic track tensioners and alloy idler and bogie wheels. In addition to providing the parts, Bair Products, Inc., provides instructional videos highlighting how to install the parts effectively.

“These types of machines are here to stay and work in a variety of environments: farming, mining, construction, sand, landscaping, forestry; it’s important to have an undercarriage that can endure all these terrains. Bair Parts are also available through all Caterpillar Dealers and many Wear Parts companies nationwide and abroad”, says Tonya Bair.

“Unfortunately, the factory parts that come installed on these machines are not also designed for this, leading to increased costs and downtime. With the help of Bair Products, today’s construction managers can fix this problem.”

For more information about Bair Products, Inc., visit or call 855-575-5847.