OxBlue announced today that its construction camera systems will be used on projects for the Atlanta Braves, the Seattle Seahawks, and the Philadelphia 76ers. Few construction projects garner the intense public interest as those for sports teams, evidenced by the millions of viewers who have accessed live OxBlue construction webcams on previous stadium renovation and new-build projects, such as Seattle’s Husky Stadium, Washington State’s Martin Stadium, and Mississippi’s Davis Wade Stadium. Builders, project managers, and other project stakeholders use the high-resolution images and high-definition construction time-lapse movies to improve communication and project management and to help keep projects on schedule.

While timely completion is always a major objective on any construction project, keeping on schedule is especially important for the Atlanta Braves’ new stadium. After nearly 20 years at Turner Field, the Braves will be moving to a new home – SunTrust Park – in Cobb County, outside of Atlanta. With the MLB team’s Turner Field lease expiring in 2016, the new stadium must be ready for opening day in 2017. General contractor American Builders 2017 is using an OxBlue construction camera system to monitor and manage the $672 million stadium project and to help keep the build on track.

The Seattle Seahawks are staying put at CenturyLink Field, but the NFL team’s stadium is undergoing renovation: The Toyota Fan Deck adds about 1,000 seats in the upper level of the south end zone and features a new outdoor fireplace and the NFL's Red Zone Channel across multiple screens. The project extends to construction of the 12 Flag Pavilion, upgrading the pre-game tradition of raising the 12th Man Flag. The estimated $8 million stadium renovation is being monitored by an OxBlue construction camera and is expected to be completed in time for the start of the 2015 season.

OxBlue has also been chosen for the Philadelphia 76ers new training center in Camden, NJ. The $82 million, 120,000 square-foot project will be a campus for the NBA team and front office, featuring several basketball courts, state-of-the-art training facilities, offices, and a cafeteria. Project managers, builders, and other stakeholders will use the construction webcam to monitor the project when they are not at the jobsite. The OxBlue construction webcam will also have online public access, allowing fans to watch progress unfold.

“Every project is different, but when it comes to projects involving sports teams – at the high-school, college, and professional levels – they’re all high profile. Fans everywhere and the surrounding communities feel as invested in a successful outcome as the project owners. Our construction camera systems help meet the needs of all constituents," said Chandler McCormack, OxBlue CEO.

OxBlue camera systems come complete with all hardware, cellular data connection, and client services needed to document, manage, and promote construction projects. High-resolution archived and real-time jobsite images document virtually every moment of construction. Project team members use a construction camera interface and mobile apps to communicate and to monitor and manage jobsite progress from anywhere, 24/7. Optional public access allows everyone interested in a project to follow progress through a simple Web-based platform. Automatically generated and professionally produced construction time-lapse movies enable team members and owners to review work and promote their projects.

To learn more about OxBlue camera systems and construction time-lapse videos contact OxBlue at (888) 849-2583. More information about stadium and arena projects can be found at http://oxblue.com/stadiums.php.