When The Shelly Company notified Southeastern Equipment Co., Inc. that noise levels on a Bomag CR652RX paver equipped with a Stretch 20 Electric Screed were interfering with communication among operators, Southeastern took advantage of the winter repair season to develop a solution. This solution is now available as a parts kit with a step-by-step manual from Bomag, so that other dealers can offer a way to reduce noise levels quickly and easily.

“The noise was created by a hydraulic motor running a generator at the rear of the screed where crews were positioned to operate the paver and screed,” notes Doug Neff, asphalt product manager at Southeastern Equipment. “The noise levels were high enough that the crew complained about their ability to communicate while the unit was running. We needed to find a solution.”

“The improvements that Southeastern developed for the paver have been documented by Bomag,” adds Henry Polk, paving products representative at Bomag. “We were very pleased that Southeastern jumped in to fix a problem. This process is a perfect example of the partnerships that we are proud to have with our dealers.”

“Our operators were very thankful that Southeastern listened to their concerns and solved the problem,” notes John Crawford, equipment manager at The Shelly Company. “Because of the improvement that Southeastern developed, productivity increased significantly. Communication is critical on a jobsite.”

Southeastern Equipment and Shelly Company worked on a solution with Mark Ladda, aftermarket representative with Bomag, when he was at Southeastern to complete technical training on pavers with the dealer’s technicians. Ladda returned to Bomag with the solution and began to document it, along with step-by-step instructions on how it should be installed. The result is the noise reduction kit that Bomag is now offering as a standard part to all their dealers.