Breakthrough solar/wireless site camera recognized by construction industry.

Sensera Systems — built to deliver world-class products and solutions for integrated remote sensing and imaging in construction, security, industrial automation, oil & gas, traffic, agriculture, law enforcement and public safety — has received a “Contractors Top 50 New Products for 2015” Award from Equipment Today and for its flagship MC-30 Solar/Wireless Site camera line.

The MC-30 camera for construction site monitoring is a 100% wireless, solar powered camera that can be deployed in under 20 minutes. It offers a rich set of features for real-time viewing, and fully automated time-lapse. The MC-30 can be used with both WiFi and cellular connections and multiple cellular carriers are available.

The camera works with Sensera Systems’ MultiSense WebApp+Cloud Service, a 100% web-based software interface for configuration, and monitoring of site cameras. The web interface allows users to view near-real-time site images from any smartphone, tablet, or PC with no other software or app required, and to share images with the built-in public page feature.

The MC-30 is a fully-integrated, site monitoring solution that comes ready to mount, and is priced at less than half of competing solutions.

“Sensera Systems has created construction cameras for the broad market. In the past cameras were used only on large skyscraper projects. Sensera Systems has brought costs way down, and made the cameras extremely simple to use, making them viable for projects of all types.” said Tim Walsh, President, Confluence Companies. “We now use them on all projects, and my site managers have no problem quickly installing them on each job without involving IT professionals, or electricians. The readers of Equipment Today have made an astute choice in selecting the MC-30 for this award and recognition.”

“We like that the MC-30 does not require power or internet services at our job sites, and that it is portable and we can easily move from job to job.” said Josh Cykiert, Project Manager, VERSA Development. “The MC-30 web-based software works great and we love being able to share live construction images with our tenants.”

“We are proud that the MC-30 has received this recognition from readers and end-users in the construction industry. They have recognized the uniqueness and innovation of the MC-30 and how it is bringing affordable site cameras to construction projects of all sizes.” said David Gaw, President, Sensera Systems.

For more information on the MC-30 and other camera models, visit, or call (800) 657-0437.