Site and road excavation takeoffs done by hand are time-consuming, complicated and usually don’t result with accurate enough quantities to consistently win bids–especially in today’s competitive economic environment.

"I have been using your product for almost three weeks now and have landed 2 of the 3 jobs I’ve bid thus far….. My only complaint is I wish I had done it sooner."

–Heath Hutchinson, Hutch N Son

"Roctek's professional analytic tools give me true confidence in my numbers.  The shading maps, cut & fill maps and "point and click elevation markers" clearly show what's going on at any point on the site.  WinEx GRADE is a BIG help to our business."

–B Knight, L & B Developers



Roctek International, an excavation takeoff software company with 30 years of experience, offers WinEx Grade, WinEx Master and RoadEx to handle excavation quantity takeoffs with ease and precision. For small one-man shops to Fortune 100 companies the WinEx and RoadEx products allow estimators to quickly identify the existing site, proposed site, material adjustments, soil conditions and value engineering options. Once grades are entered, precise 3D site images, cut/fill maps, grid-staking maps and professional quantity reports can be immediately produced.

Roctek’s streamlined and intuitive software reduces training time required to as little as an hour to start producing takeoff quantities.  Entering data is a breeze with built in Vector PDF and CAD import; no need to own a license of AutoCAD or spend countless hours training. Roctek’s LineTracker™ vectorizes flat PDFs to speed through contours easily when tracing is needed.

For those using Machine Control, WinEx Master exports thru data point files and support of the LandXML format. Move from drawing to takeoff, takeoff to terrain model and model to Trimble, TopCon or Leica blade control in no time.

For those that bid on DOT jobs, use RoadEx to quickly take off cross-sectional plans station by station and phase by phase. Features include the ability to set custom phases, enter strata information and report/edit any stations entered.  DOT's may provide the quantities, but Roctek customers double-check them easily, quickly and accurately before making the bids, avoiding costly estimate errors.

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